7 Day Facebook™ Ads Challenge

229 students

The 7-Day Facebook™ Ad Challenge

In this challenge, you will be getting a jam packed course of information that will allow you to get started running extraordinarily successful ad campaigns for your business.

Detailed Instructions

Follow along with video tutorials that will walk you through all the steps required to complete your tasks.

Real World Examples

We will take you through live examples of ads we are running, and how you can get them set up to run for you too.

Method to the Madness

Each day, we will do what is called “Stacking”. This means that each day you will learn a little more about why we do what we did the day before. It will allow us to properly show you how to set up an executable campaign.

For Everyone

A beginner level course with detailed instructions from setting up your business ads account, creating your bait, generating your email list, all the way through learning how to scale, duplicate, and manage your ads successfully.

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Anthony Mann

Anthony Mann is a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses over the past 10 years. He is dedicated to helping people be more successful in their own businesses while also helping them fully understand the strategies behind social media and social media advertising.

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