What is A Social Strategy

A comprehensive Suite for Local Businesses

Local Business

Brick and Mortar store fronts have some of the hardest times generating good new leads for their business. We have a specialized strategy tailored specifically for local businesses to be more successful.

Real Estate / Mortgage

Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals are always looking for more qualified leads. We have a specific solution to help generate leads in all stages of the buying process as well as targeted and specialized advertising.


Getting people in to your restaurant and more importantly getting them to come back is something we have had major success in. We're happy to be able to offer our services to help you continue to grow your restaurant business.

About A Social Strategy

Led by Anthony Mann, a serial entrepreneur who has started and currently manages multiple business. A Social Strategy was developed to help a growing need for small businesses to generate more leads, more return on investment, and more profit without breaking the bank.